Component 3

Ms Helen Apuai, Assistant Secretary, Trade Compliance Branch.

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Trade Facilitation


PNG is unable to enjoy the full benefits of being a member to a number of trade agreements due to challenges associated with trade facilitation. The aim of Component 3 of the TRA-2 project therefore is to help PNG improve its trade facilitation situation.

Component 3 aims to reduce unnecessary costs and delays associated with clearing goods at the ports and at the same time address SPS and TBT related challenges affecting its trade (import and exports).


The budget for Component 3 – Trade Facilitation, is Euros 2,209,000 (including equipment procurement) / approx. PGK 6,481,691

Key Stakeholders

The main stakeholders that will be involved in Component 3 are:

•National Institute for Standards and Industrial Technology (NISIT)
•PNG Custom Services
•National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA)
•Department of Health
•Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
•National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI)

Expected Results

The main expected result identified in Component 3 is to implement the ‘Single Window’. A key deliverable in component 3 is to have a ‘feasibility report on single window’ by 2016 with recommendations from the report being progressively implemented throughout Project’s duration. Other results include preparing operational guidelines for rules of origin, valuation and intellectual property and to improve the capacity of key laboratories to meet international standards by 2017.

Component 1 Focal Point

Ms Helen Apuai, Assistant Secretary, Trade Compliance Branch.