National Trade Act

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The National Trade Act which establishes the creation of the National Trade Office from both a legal and administrative perspective is now in its final draft and will shortly be presented to the National Executive Council. We will use this page to keep you updated on progress.

Trade Defence Measures
The Trade Division is also currently in the final processes of drafting legislation for Trade Defence Measures for PNG.

What is the role of trade defence?

  • Open trade is a recognised engine for growth and job-creation but it requires that fair competition, without distortions, is maintained between domestic and foreign producers.
  • The use of trade defence is based on rules set out by the World Trade Organization. The EU is also an efficient user of these instruments and applies a number of conditions additional to the WTO rules to ensure their use is measured.

You can find more information trade defence measures on the European Union’s website, including a short video on trade defence instruments, by clicking on the link below: