Project Management Unit

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Project Management Unit

The Trade Division of the Department of Trade, Commerce and Industry is the implementing agency of the EU-TRA2 project. The staff of the Trade Division work very closely with a Team of International Experts funded by the project through a Service Contract delivered by Cardno Emerging Markets S.A. (Belgium) who provide both long and short term Technical Assistants to support the Trade Division in the implementation of the project. Trade Division coordinates the project with a whole range of trade related stakeholders throughout PNG. A Project Management Unit, staffed by four officers, is set up within the Trade Division to support project activities.

Mr Richard Yakam

First Assistant Secretary in charge of the Trade Division

Project Manager

Frazer Murray

Assistant Secretary, Market Access & Trade Negotiations Branch

Impress Administrator

Bridgette Tuitalele-Kamish

Assistant Secretary, APEC and Trade Facilitation Branch

Imprest Accounting Officer

Raphael Uranguai

Assistant Secretary, Trade Development & Promotion Branch

Alternate Imprest Administrator

Focal Point Component 1

Philip Mercado

Assistant Secretary, WTO Branch

Alternate Imprest Accounting Officer & Alternate Focal Point Component 2

Helen Apuai

Assistant Secretary, Trade Compliance Branch

Focal Point Component 3

Kenneth Jim

Project Accountant

Anthony Korau

Principal Trade Officer

Alternate Focal Point Component 1

Rebecca Maniat

Principal Trade Officer

Alternate Focal Point Component 3

Simon Chris Waike

Project Officer

Ms Patricia Hobart

Admin Assistant

Mr Tore Futua

Driver and Admin Support.

Technical Assistance Team

The PMU within the Trade Division are supported by a long-term Technical Assistance Team consisting of 3 experts, provided through a Service Contract delivered through Cardno Emerging Markets Ltd, in Brussels. Short term expertise is also engaged to deliver specific areas of training, technical assistance and capacity building.

Ms Paula Norris

Team Leader and Key Expert Component 1 

Dr Claudius Preville

Key Expert Component 2

Mr Timothy Little

Key Expert Component 3